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Updated: Mar 14

Sometimes it's time to take stock. Here's a whole gallery of variety. Any one of these could be developed intoa 'body of work'.

Like most artists, I am constantly reviewing and reflecting on 'what's good'.  I just seem to pick up the paintings around me sometimes when they are a year or two old, and paint on them some more. I love that feeling, and I feel not only the paint but the meaning deepens. I think maybe my paintings are organic reflections of how the world moves through me. My paintings seem to be like photos forever in the development bath, or poems being continually revised.

One of the messages I've taken to heart over the last few years in art courses is that people (viewers / collectors) like a story to go with your work. I've never been able to give one, so have hung onto a sense of failure around that. (What is my art 'about'? Who am I as an artist? Am I an artist?). Everything I tried seemed a little disingenuous. My paintings change as I change, and I change as the world around me changes and that's that. I paint what I want when I want.

This realization is giving me a sense of peace around my 'struggle'. I've always felt pressure to 'finish' a painting; felt there had to be an 'endpoint'; that a painting must eventually be 'done', ready for the gallery or a sale; that a daub here or a line there would be the icing on the cake - but I am discovering that isn't so. Sometimes paintings move away to live with other people and then I have no say over them anymore, but if they're hanging around I suppose they might want a little more love. A painting is never 'finished' - we just stop working on them and move on to different ones.

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Carolyn, your 'reflections' revealed my thoughts as an artist. Thank you for the reassurance that "that's that"! By the way, it was a pleasure and an encouragement talking with you during A2L workshop. Also, I have enjoyed viewing your artwork. Frances 😌

Replying to

Thank you, Francis. I appreciate your comment. Do you have a website or Instagram? I’d love to look at your work.

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