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Gelli Printing Courses @ OAS

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

It was a pleasure and a privilege to teach Gelli Plate Printing at The Oakville Art Society in November. Work here from top left was made by Patsy, Deb, Irma, Gwyn, Milli, Tracy, Mya, Susan, Sylvia and Deb. Gelli plate printing can be challenging becuse it's a little counter intuitive to design a print from the bottom up without really being able to see the bottom. The acrylic paint is all transferred to the paper, cleaning the plate. This means that as you compose your print there is paint underneath the paint you see at the top, on the plate, before you print. When painting an image to print, you have to paint surface light and details first! This leads to a lot of cognitive dissonance, even for experienced artists, which is both fun and frustrating. Bravo to this group of tenacious artists, who dug in and accepted the challenge with excellent results.

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