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Art Journaling

Updated: Mar 14

I am absolutely passionate about 'Art Journaling'.

Art Journals can take many different forms and have many different purposes. They can be practice and development spaces for artists. They can be memory or scrap books for anyone who likes to document life experiences. They can be junk journals for collectors or craftspeople. They can be travel journals, quotation journals, reading journals - you name it.

Art journaling is an engaging art activity that supports feelings of well being and acomplishment. Art journaling nurtures the imagination, the intellect and the spirit. It's an activity that can be done communally or alone, at a table with inexpensive material.

I teach art journaling at The Oakville Art Society, and am developing a course to deliver online. I try to inspire makers with ideas for colourful backgrounds, for enhancing the pages with borders, drawings, lettering, prints and collage; and I teach approaches -thematic and otherwise - through example and through prompts.

There are many collections of art journals in museums, libraries and online, as well as many books. Art journalists are all ages and genders and from all over the world. They are beginners and experts. Art journaling exists, in some sense, on the fringe of the art world - and yet is integral to it.

Follow me here as we explore art journaling. the next post will be about resources.

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