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Updated: May 12, 2023

Monoprinting is a bit 'niche'. Though almost every artist has done it, few are known just for mono printing. Since I’m so into this I thought I’d do a little research. These gelli plate prints are actually MONOTYPES because each print is entirely different. A monoprint would be a print in series from an etched or engraved block, but inked differently each time.

Monotype printing is such a playful art. Its quick and lively. And it’s done on paper ( usually) so artists feel free to take more risks than they usually do in traditional printmaking or painting on a canvas- if for no other reason than that it takes up a lot less time. William Blake, Degas, Picasso, and Paul Klee made many charming monotypes absolutely worth checking out. When I taught high school we used plexi glass, or sometimes the laminate desktops, to create monotype prints with water based ink. Traditionally artists used oil based inks on zinc or glass plates. The innovation of the ‘Gelli Plate’, a silicone mat which can be used with the very versatile and less toxic acrylic paint so easily accessible to all artists today, means anyone can make monotypes at home on a desk or dining table! Consequently we are seeing a huge upsurge in interest in monotypes.

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