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Gelli Art

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Still going with the Gelli plate. Slow going. Finally found a way to make durable stencils. Decided on repeating 2 stencils per painting. Limited palette works well. Focus is sometimes created by over painting. In conventional printmaking, each 'pull' gets more detailed - not there yet. I"m using pastels to draw another level over over top.

I like these. My most successful abstracts yet. Very consistent look. Fun to make. Affordable on paper. They look nice with a white margin. Can be mounted on wood or framed.

Experimenting with printing on vellum Bristol and unprimed canvas. I use the duds for collage, and some of them are inspiring bigger painting designs. This has wheels, not least because it's fun. I did a demo at a studio open house and it drew a crowd. Lots of people want to try it.

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