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Easy Does It: Moving Beyond Decorative Papers on your Gelliplate

The gelli plate is a fully adaptable mono print surface that allows you to make sophisticated works of art.

Most commonly presented as a way to make quick collage papers, the gelli plate may seem like little more than a glorified 'brush' to some artists. But in fact it is an infinitely versatile printing plate that will take drawings as detailed as etchings and photographs or as expressive as impasto abstracts.

Because the acrylic paint typically used on gelli plates dries fairly quickly, and because it does indeed facilitate quick prints of almost any flat object you can thing of, most demos are very quick - even rushed - and it doesn't just seem that way because of time lapse video.

In actual fact gelli printing can go very slowly. You can paint and transfer sophisticated images onto the plate and work with them once they are dry. You can take days to layer up a print if you like. Only the very last layer needs to be pulled wet to transfer the painting to the paper.

Explore the full potential of your gelli plate by slowing down. See

Stay tuned for more demos here to show you how to use your plate in more sophisticated ways.

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