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The Up-Cycle

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

I 'up-cycle' my left-over art. I work mostly on paper because I want to use my art.

I choose to use my art partly because I've witnessed several friends try to dispose of artist's art honourably after their deaths. I also choose to use my art because it piles up.

By working on paper, I'm able to do so much with my art that ensures it doesn't stay laying around. Paintings that don't work get cut up for cards.

The pieces that are left after I cut the cards out I either recycle for collage or square up to repaint. That way I don't have tons of canvasses piling up, and my paintings become portable. I can mount them, or cut them again. And I can paint bigger than I otherwise would. And because they're on paper, I don't mind making gifts of them to interested parties either.

Cut up paintings also make great tags for jams, or gifts. When I've painted on both sides they make great earrings because the colour schemes match! Just hang them on a hook with a little curled wire. Sometimes I make folders out of my art,work. And they make nice sketchbook covers - for my friends too. I also buy blocks of exotic wood to turn into table sculptures by gluing crops of my paintings on them. They look pretty good in a book shelf or on a mantle or piano.

All these things enhance the joy of my creative life, allowing me to enjoy many more pleasant hours of play and creativity. and to enjoy the giving rather than worry about where I'll put all the art.

How do you up cycle your art?

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