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Introduction to Gelli Printing

Gelliplate printing is an excellent gateway into the visual arts, as it's fun and does not require any drawing or painting expertise - or any art knowledge at all. 

This workshop takes you through basic concepts of mono printing with a gelli plate. Materials and equipment, the basic mechanics of direct printing, over printing, use of masks and stencils, understanding and maximizing the ghost effect and incorporating transfers will be covered.

Basic tips on colour and composition are available in the module as extra resources for those new to art.


This first module introduces the basic equipment, setup and materials required to start monoprinting with a gelli plate.  


This module explores the simplest, most direct way of creating gelli plate monoprints by creating impressions of flat objects.Interesting and complex compositions can be developed by layering - either on the paper through repeated printing, 


This module explores strategies for layering compositions on the plate, including incorporating image transfers.

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