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After years of teaching in secondary schools, I am devoting a lot of my time to making art. And the way they connect is surprising me. Teaching is  one of the best jobs to get up for in the morning. Young people have the world at their feet, and that energy is infectious. It was the students I taught over the years who inspired me and still do. They showed me a huge range of ideas, experiences, knowledge and ways of being in the world that I am still processing. 


The daybooks and sketchbooks  I kept in those years document the research I did for my work as a teacher. I am now exploring a lot of the ideas and materials I didn't have time to explore in more depth then.  Consequently my art is varied, experimental and playful, But it is underpinned with the knowledge of composition, colour theory and art history that comes from years of teaching art. I don't come to an art project so much with an idea as with a desire to work with a certain media; to 'try' something. I love the viscosities and colours of paints on different substrates, the way drawing with different tools makes marks on different materials. 

Many of the paints, supports, boards and frames I use in my art and share with the people I work with  are sourced second hand, with the goal of making the most of all of our resources. I enjoy the challenge of using the materials at hand to make art more than buying art supplies. It pushes my creativity and for me is the ultimate challenge of celebrating 'being where I am'. I often paint over and over paintings, letting the colours and textures underneath lend complexity to the revisions over top. This creates a richness I enjoy. 

I'm a passionate advocate for access to art activity, art museums, arts education and art communities. I am a member of CARFAC Ontario and of The Oakville Art Society where I help with art shows, fund raisers and other community events,  and participate in group Open Houses, juried shows, studio time and art classes, and teach.

Check the gallery attached below for a taste of my art activity. Some of the work is still available for sale. Until March 2024 my work is being sold for $1.50 / square inch. Framing, if you wish it, and shipping are extra.



If you prefer to talk or text, contact me at 905 536 5335

Check my art CV. Full professional resume and testimonials available upon request.

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