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I am purging years of pent up creativity with unadulterated glee.

That's it - no rhyme or reason to it. I make whatever I feel like whenever I feel like it.

I'm not building a second career here, I paint for the sheer love of it.


I play with whatever I can get my  hands on, doing everything I've wanted to try for years. I love using recycled materials for collage and to paint on and with. Sometimes I love finicky work - I do so love that! - and sometimes I  just want to scratch and splash. I also knit and I quilt and occasionally they find their way into my 'paintings'. I am deeply interested in art history and love art  books, 

For me the journey is nine tenths of the game. That is also the philosophy that guides me as an instructor / facilitator: I  am not about stepping through a sequence to a product.  I am about 'you doing you' like I do me.

My process is intuitive - just take what's on the table and start problem solving. My own art is mostly inspired by botanical shapes and landscapes - but I really want to get conceptual. It's a learning curve. Nature captures my imagination. But I also like to make compositions with people that show emotion and relationships. Most of my work settles somewhere between representationalism and abstraction.

I enjoy participating in art groups, taking art classes, volunteering for community art events and teaching.

My art activity has enriched my life immeasurably through the connections it has given me. A creative life is a rich life.


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If you're interested in talking about art, buying  art,  hiring a teacher, workshop leader, or someone to organize an event, get in touch.

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