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I am an artist with 35 years of professional work experience in Arts and Arts Education. I live in Burlington, Ontario.

My art process is intuitive. My  art straddles abstraction and representationalism and in that way is also a convergence of the aspects of my world I'm passionate about and the visceral experience of manipulating art materials. I am still very much in the excited, experimental stage of someone who has just suddenly acquired more time to paint. 'All who wander are not lost.' My intention is to bring my considerable skill set - both a promise and a peril - to bear in going deeper into voice and style.


I paint in watercolour, acrylic, oil and make prints and collages. This facility is a direct result of teaching secondary school art to students interested in a wide range of media and approaches. 

My art is appropriate for almost any context. It's accessible in size, price and portability: Small art, big impact. It's got a bit of a boho, cozy feel. Much of it is charmingly presented ready to hang, on painted board or in repurposed and homemade frames. Many of the paints, supports, boards and frames are sourced second hand. One of the great pleasures of my art process is foraging for reusable materials. I paint plein air, as well as in classes, in my home studio and at open studios.


I am a passionate advocate for access to art activity and for community involvement through the arts. I am a member of local art organizations and participate in group studio time, art classes, and community art events. I also teach art in a variety of  contexts. I am good at connecting artists to get art, art classes, events, projects off the ground.

Feel free to contact me for commissions. I am very comfortable meeting 'art assignments'. I do not do portraits, but can refer you to artists who do.

Check my art CV. Full professional resume and testimonials available upon request.



If you prefer to talk or text, contact me at 905 536 5335


If you're interested in talking about art, buying  art,  hiring a teacher, workshop leader, or someone to organize an event, get in touch.

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