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Art from the Heart. Charming, earth friendly, affordable; 
Much of it created with repurposed and recycled materials.
Buy or make your own. Workshops available.
Contact me at

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Art Lover: Art Teacher. Artist. Collector. Blogger, Art History and Museum Aficionado. 

After years of working in public education I'm continuing my journey by working and volunteering with not for profit Arts and Culture organizations as an instructor and facilitator, and by spending as much time as I like making art.

I'm a passionate advocate for access to art activity, art museums, arts education and art communities. I am a member of local art organizations where I  help organize art shows, fund raisers and other community events,  as well as participate in group Open Houses, studio time and art classes. I also teach art in a variety of  contexts. My forte is connecting artists to get art, art classes, events and projects off the ground.

My own current art process is largely related to these activities, as intuitive art is a friendly, open door into art involvement for most people. My experience making the most of available materials for groups feeds my creativity. I share it with generosity and joy.


I paint in watercolour, acrylic, oil and make prints and collages. This diversity is a direct result of working with people interested in a wide range of media and approaches.  Many of the paints, supports, boards and frames I use and share with the people I work with  are sourced second hand. 

My art is for sale. Check the gallery. I also make it available for public spaces. 



If you prefer to talk or text, contact me at 905 536 5335

Check my art CV. Full professional resume and testimonials available upon request.

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