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Carolyn Hassard Art

Adventures in a Creative Life


Welcome to Carolyn Hassard Art. 

I paint and teach art and I like sharing the fun.  

My art is varied, experimental and playful,  For me, a work of art in the making is always in flux. Almost everything that happens surprises me, which I love. It took me a long time to get here; to loosen up and create freely while still nailing it eventually.  I now work intuitively, even when working representationally, mobilizing the knowledge of materials, composition, colour theory and drawing built up over years as an artist. 

I specialize in little stuff in fun formats; art you can pick up and turn over and  admire and carry away with you to hang up in the kitchen as soon as you get home; art you can hang on that little wall between the bedroom and the bathroom or above the fireplace, or afford as a birthday present. Art on blocks to set on a table. Art on boards. My art is portable and affordable because it aligns with my interest in accessibility. It aligns with my desire to use recycled, friendly materials and to keep things simple, manageable and enjoyable.  My creative inclination is to make art with what comes my way.

I have a strong sense of purpose. I love art and making art, but my super power is teaching. and while most of my art  is not political, my ethos is. A passionate advocate for equitable, affordable access to museums, arts education and arts communities, I walk the talk. I volunteer for arts activities and organizations and events and participate in fundraisers


I am a member of CARFAC Ontario and a member of The Oakville Art Society where I  help with art shows, fund raisers and other community events,  and participate in group Open Houses, juried shows, studio time, art classes, and teach.

Check the gallery below, instagram, reels  and my blog for a taste of my art activity.


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