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Art from the Heart. Charming, affordable. 
Much of it created with repurposed and recycled materials.
For art or teaching
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After years of teaching in secondary schools, I'm dedicating more time to pursuing painting. Simultaneously and incidentally, however, I am also continuing to teach in a variety of contexts. My 'super power' is building learning communities.

My own current art practice is largely related to my history as a teacher in the sense that the diversity in my work is a direct result of the wide range of materials, skills and interests I've been exposed to and have worked on over the years. I explore possibilities with intensity and experience success in many media. Through these varied explorations, my aesthetic is steadily consolidating. It is playful, and underpinned with a skill in composition, knowledge of colour theory and a solid grounding in art history, with which I play. Media, material and colour pull me in more than subject or idea. At present my art making is about art making, which also, still, segues beautifully with my ongoing interest in the dance of teaching.

Two particular interests anchor my psyche: nature - particularly fauna; the 'earth'; and people - particularly in community. These interests shape my expression as my paintings evolve. You will see this reflected in the titles, which I typically decide on at the stage when a painting begins to 'speak to me'.


I'm a passionate advocate for access to art activity, art museums, arts education and art communities. I am a member of local art organizations where I  help organize art shows, fund raisers and other community events,  and participate in group Open Houses, juried shows, studio time and art classes. My forte is teaching. 


Many of the paints, supports, boards and frames I use and share with the people I work with  are sourced second hand. 

My art is for sale. Check the gallery. I also make it available for public spaces. 



If you prefer to talk or text, contact me at 905 536 5335

Check my art CV. Full professional resume and testimonials available upon request.

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